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» Trainee Days ✦ Sincerely-petra


There were two things. Just two things Petra Ral wanted to accomplish before turning in for the night. To finish drafting this letter and to eat some dinner…in peace.

Sure she had a table and a group of classmates she usually stationed herself with at the mess hall, but tonight she just wasn’t in the mood for them. Hitch would just make fun of her being daddy’s little girl. Frank would most likely spill his soup on the parchment. As for everyone else in the clique, well, nevermind them.

Petra lazily scanned the area when she found a seemingly empty table, spare the girl that was sitting alone. Without asking, thinking the other wouldn’t mind, she sat from the opposite end and continued with her letter. That is… until the ink ran out from her pen.

"Not again," she muttered, as she started shaking the utensil for the liquid to flow again, unknowing of its cap flying off and into the other table occupant’s bowl of soup. 

Kate stopped staring at her soup when she heard the chair in front of her move, and she raised her eyes toward the girl that had just taken the seat. She had amber eyes, and ginger-brown hair. She looked very sweet, and she was very concentrated writing a letter.

Catherine smiled as the girl suddenly stopped writing and started whining to her pen ; the poor ustensil was shaken, and as Kate was about to take another spoon of her soup, the pen cap flew in the bowl. 

Would have it been the boys, Kate would have been angry ; but the girl obviously did not want to throw her pen’s cap in the young soldier’s soup, and the ginger teenager took the cap between her fingers before talking.

" Do you have a problem with your pen ? I have one in my pocket if you need it. "

A little silence, where Catherine was wondering. Do I ask her who she is to make a friend ? Do I try ? Will I be deceived again ? I am afraid, god.

" This letter seems important to you. Who are you writing to, if you don’t mind telling me ? "

Kate’s cheeks started to become red, as she secretly hoped she had not been too friendly.

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» Trainee Days ✦ Sincerely-petra

Catherine was cold.

Sitting alone at a table in a corner, the 15-year-old girl was eating slowly her soup, looking with envy at the other trainees. They were happily talking, two boys were starting a fight, some guys were singing in the central table, and everyone seemed happy. Excepted her.

It was the first day, and the morning she and a bunch of other trainees had had been shouted at in order to prepare them on a psychological point. But it was necessary and she had contained her tears all along. A soldier does not cry, she thought. But still…

" Hey, are you alone there ? "

Kate raised her eyes and saw a boy with brown hair grinning. She didn’t notice the other boys that were behind him laughing like morons.

" Yeah…I am. Are you too ? You can join if you want ! "

The boy sneered before answering her in a sarcastic voice.

" No I’m not. I have friends, ME. See ya, Redhead ! "

And he left, leaving Catherine more alone that she already was. And even though she was hurt inside, she squinted her eyes, determined.

I hope you are ready, moron, because I won’t be tender. I hope for you that you won’t be in the same training group as me.

And she went back to eating her soup, and biting her bread. She felt alone again, hoping she could integrate a group the day after. She wanted at least a few friends. 

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Send ✆ for a morning text

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Send ø for a late night text

Send for a hateful text


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■ - Violent headcanon

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♥ - Love headcanon

♡ - Sex headcanon

☆ - Appearence headcanon

☠ - Death headcanon

♒ - Family headcanon

☮ - Friendship headcanon

▼ - Childhood headcanon

∇ - Old age headcanon

☄ - Food headcanon

★ - Education headcanon

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